How do I qualify for the Lincoln Senior Men’s Golf League?

Being 55 is the only requirement and you don’t even need to live in Lincoln. A regular (team) membership is $40, while substitutes may join for $20. Regular members need to submit their registration w/fee by the end of March for scheduling purposes; substitutes may register at any time during the season.

How is membership established?

Each spring the league organizational meeting is held in mid-March, usually at the Auld Pavilion, 1650 Memorial Drive, in Antelope Park. While attendance is not mandatory, it is an opportunity to fill out or turn in registrations and fees. Also, registration forms may be printed from the league website (www.lincolnseniorgolf.com), filled out, and submitted with fee by the end of March to the League Treasurer. The league web site also has contact information for board members who will help answer any questions.

How is the League set up?

The league plays all team matches on Wednesday and Thursday mornings starting in May and continuing into early August, using all the city courses on a rotating basis. Teams are comprised of two players and placed within the different divisions according to the total handicap of both players. Matches are scored with points awarded for each head-to-head match winner and the lowest total team score, in other words, a combination of match and medal scoring. (Players are responsible for greens fees and cart rental, if desired.)

How do I find a partner and establish a handicap?

Players sign up individually and can then be paired up by league organizers, while many designate a partner, they will team with on their registration form. LSMGL partnerships do not fluctuate as often as some folks’ marriages, but they are fluid! Initial League handicaps may be established by USGA sources or one will be established after an honest appraisal from the new member and subsequent submittal of scores from league play.

What if I cannot commit to a full season of play with a partner?

This is where our substitutes are very important. Many regular members originally started as “subs” because of jobs, or some other nonsense that got in the way of the real priority and the sub list allowed them to participate whenever possible and even enjoy Fun Days.

What are these Fun Days I’ve heard about?

Note: There is a Fun Day Fact Sheet on the Fun Day web page. These are tournaments provided for members, usually held on Mondays and/or Wednesdays at various courses around eastern Nebraska. Fun Days are usually four-man team formats, some of which are submitted by members (U-Piks), while others are computer generated by the league (Mixers), with an emphasis on formats that produce competitive play in the assorted flights. Prizes are given for top places and notoriety, or infamy, in the LJS Neighborhood Extra publication on Saturdays. Again, members are responsible for all green fees, cart rentals, and prize fees.

All League communications are via email and postings on the LSMGL website (www.lincolnseniorgolf.com). Consequently, it is imperative members (or someone acting on their behalf) have reliable internet access.

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