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Funday Master Schedule

2024 Master Fun Day Schedule – Group 3 

Funday Registration Verification Rosters

Woodland Hills2 Final w-start

Crooked Creek w-starting hole final

Mahoney Ver 7-21

NOTICE: Please check Master Funday Schedule above for Registration START DATES for each of the Five (5) Funday groups.

The final edition will be posted after the March Board meeting held on the 2nd Thursday of the month. There will be four Fun Day Managers this year: Dennis Lacquement, Veryl Jessen, David Dunning, & John Tritt.

The only way to sign up for Fun Day Events is by sending an email addressed to:  We no longer require or provide sign-up forms!

YOUR emails MUST list the following information: Your FIRST & LAST NAME; The 3-character CODES (First Column on schedule) of the Fun Days you wish to register for from the group available for registration; if U-PIK include the first and last names of the members on your team for each event; if the fun day is being played on a CITY course tell us if you (and your team if U-PIK) want a cart. You may sign up for ALL fun days (in each group) on ONE email.

If you are unable to play in a Funday that you registered for; then send an email to: withdrawing from the specific event. You may also ” send an email directly to the Funday manager for that event.

NOTICE: Registrations received prior to the “Registration Starting” dates provided on the Master Funday Schedule above will not be accepted.

“Golf is not, and never has been a fair game.”  ~Jack Nicklaus

Fun Day Results

Woodland Hills (WH1), Mixer, Scramble, 5/6/24

FLT A      FLT B      News Release

Ashland (AS1), Mixer, Scramble, 5/13/24


Tara Hills (TH1), Mixer, Shamble, 5/20/24

FLT A      FLT B      News Release

Pioneers (PN1), Mixer, Scramble, 6/3/24

FLT A     FLT B     News Release

Hidden Valley (HV1), U-Pik, Scramble, 6/10/24

FLT A     FLT B     FLT C     News Release

Table Creek (TC1), Mixer, Scramble, 6/17/24

FLT A     FLT B     News Release

Eagle Hills (EH1), U-Pik, Shamble, 7/1/24

Woodland Hills (WH2), U-Pik, Shamble, 7/15/24

Crooked Creek (CC1), Mixer, Shamble, 7/22/24

Mahoney (MA1), Mixer, Scramble, 7/29/24

Tara Hills (TH2), U-Pik, ?, 8/12/24

Hedges/Highlands/Pioneers, Mixer, Scramble, 8/21/24

Holmes (HO1), U-Pik, ?, 8/26/24

NuMark (NU1), Mixer, ?, 9/9/24

York (YK1), U-Pik, ?, 9/16/24

Beatrice (BC1), U-Pik, ?, 9/23/24

Highlands (HL2), Mixer, ?, 9/30/24

Eagle Hills (EH2), Mixer, ?, 10/02/24

Tiburon (TB1), U-Pik, ?, 10/07/24

Pioneers (PN2), Mixer, ?, 10/16/24

(?) Event Format coming soon.

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