2024 Substitutes List

Please Note: This sub list does NOT apply for Full Field Fun Days (FFEs). When Fun Day fields are full, only the Fun Day Manager for the event can assign or reassign Fun Day positions. (There’s usually an event waiting list involved.


Our Sub List Manager has put a great deal of time and effort into providing a list that is as up to date, accurate, and functional as possible.  However, as always, it is the league player’s responsibility to find, contact, and inform the scorecard preparers of substitute information.  The sub list manager is not running a “Find me a sub” service.  He is trying to provide the best information possible and has developed a series of codes to facilitate players in attempting to contact a willing substitute. 


  1. Would like to play as often as possible.
  2. Would like to play less frequently (twice a month).
  3. Would like to play monthly (once a month).
  4. Would like to play often with at least 48 hours notice.
  5. Will sub only for certain players.
  6. Is not yet available to sub.

More Details

Also, in the match play date columns, you’ll find record of dates that the sub has played or is scheduled to play marked with an S and dates when the sub is not available to play marked by the letters na.

When you have reached agreement with a substitute, send an email to the scorecard preparers at:, specifying who is playing for whom on what date, course, and time; include your division and team # and it’s really helpful if individual membership #’s are included as well.

In case of family emergencies, you may contact the Sub List Manager directly. Contact information is on the Board of Directors page.

For Substitutes ONLY:

If you are unavailable to play on any LSMGL match play dates, please inform the Sub List Manager by email at to avoid unnecessary calls.  Also, note that sub names highlighted in yellow are NOT full field eligible (FFE).

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